Monday, October 17, 2016

A Past Life Regression Hypnosis Session

In video Module 8, Steve creates a PLR hypnosis session based on the topics of this module. In an ideal world, a trained regressionist would never have any serious issues during regression sessions because the process is fairly straightforward and if done correctly, any client would be able to benefit from experiencing memories from their past lives in online hypnosis. However, we do not live in a perfect world and we have to acknowledge the fact that not every client will be a perfect candidate for past life regression. This should not deter you from practice past life regression at all with hypnosis.

 In fact, this should be taken as a worthy challenge by any regressionist worth their professional title. In this module we will begin discussing the ways that you can deal with the common obstacles to an effective regression session. The most common issues encountered by regressionists usually manifest after the client has departed from the first death experience. Here are some common challenging statements and their corresponding counter- statements: Client: I don’t really trust the things that I am seeing/experiencing right now got hypnosis. 

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In the previous module we talked about the basic aspects of death scenes or death experiences and their relevance to past life regression. We discussed why it is important for a mediator (that’s you) to step in immediately when your client finds themselves in a death scene, surrounded by unfamiliar people and enveloped in fear or extreme sadness. In this module we will be continuing our discussion of the death experience so you will become fully equipped to handle these special instances. Always remember that death experiences or death scenes are waypoints or junctures in the regression that signal the client’s ever-deepening involvement with the spiritual plane.

Death scenes should not be taken lightly for the simple reason that they may also have a few things to teach the client and death scenes are usually where spiritual guides or companions appear. The interaction between the regressionist and the client during a death scene is so important that I highly recommend that you prepare a script that will further empower your client during a death experience with hypnosis. Learn more at

We can slow down the line of questioning if you wish so that you will have more time to process the new information that you are getting from the memories. We can also increase the pace if you want to cover more ground in a shorter period of time. Again, it is completely up to you. You just have to tell me how slowly or quickly you want to proceed in answering my questions about your experiences in the spiritual plane.

I will be here throughout your journey and you are safe here in the office as well. (IMPORTANT: Note in the preceding section that I did not really tell the client to stop sharing all of the details of the memories from the previous life. I merely acknowledged the fact that the memories were indeed their but toward the end, I shifted the line of reasoning to, “How quickly or slowly do you want me to give the questions?” I choose this avenue of reasoning with the client because it would be pointless force anyone to answer you especially if they are seeing disturbing or depressing images.

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